For installation and service of propane delivery equipment, you can rely on Signature Truck Systems.

Our installation and repair facilities are dedicated to the highest level of customer satisfaction, which is certified by our ‘Signature’.

Our services include:

  • New and used Bobtails
  • Cranes, Liftgates, and Service Bodies
  • Full Service Transport Repairs
  • NBIC R-Stamp Vessel Repairs
  • Weight Distribution Calculations
  • Remote Control Systems Installed
  • Pick-Up and Delivery of a Unit Anywhere in the World
  • Certification, Testing and Inspection

Signature Truck Systems facilities conducts all safety checks and provides all the certification you need to make deliveries with confidence in your equipment:

  • Annual Visual and Leak testing
  • DOT Chassis Inspection and Certification
  • Cargo Tank Inspections
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
  • Wet Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Technical Support

Safety begins with a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations governing propane equipment. We want to be your resource:

  • Answering Questions on Regulations
  • Recommendations on Conformance
  • Cost Effective Upgrading
  • Dissemination of New Regulatory Rules