Refined Fuel

Signature Truck Systems, LLC

Signature Truck Systems builds high quality Refined Fuel Tank Trucks. We will use a new refined fuel tank or refurbish an existing one and we will always build to your requirements. We are a DOT CT Registered Testing Facility and perform routine maintenance and the following tests and inspections:

  • V – External Visual Inspection
  • K – Leak Test
  • P – Hydrostatic Pressure Test
  • I – Internal Visual Inspection
  • T – Thickness Test

We also provide:

  • EPA Method 27 Vapor Tightness Test
  • Michigan DEQ – Air Quality Division Gasoline Tank Truck Pressure/Vacuum Test
  • Annual DOT Inspection
  • R-Stamp Tank Repairs
  • Custom Paint and Logo Services

Refined Fuel Trucks are important to today’s fuel market. Call Signature Truck Systems for a quote for your new Refined Fuel Oil Truck.

Contact our Sales Department at (800) 454-1122