Company Information

About Signature Truck Systems

January 4, 1999, Signature Truck Systems began operations to create a niche in the propane industry as a supplier of vehicles and equipment. The company’s mission is: Commitment to Quality Backed by a Signature.

In fact, the name Signature Truck Systems is derived from that very statement. Each vehicle built by Signature Truck Systems has a decal that is signed by the lead technician, and after inspection, signed by a member of the management team.  The customer not only knows who inspected and approved their vehicle, they also know who built it. President of Signature Truck Systems Mike VanDenBoom says, “That’s what you call a Commitment to Quality.”

Signature Truck Systems has a complete staff of experienced professionals dedicated to providing unmatched quality at competitive prices. The technicians who repair, build and inspect the trucks have numerous years of experience in the propane equipment industry. Signature Truck Systems employs certified mechanics and qualified welders, some with more than 20 years of experience in their field.

Signature Truck Systems operates from its three 10,000-square-foot facilities at 13460 N. Saginaw Road in Clio, Michigan, which is just north of Flint. The three shops can accommodate 20 units at one time and transports of any length. Besides building new and refurbished propane trucks, we also build and service crane, cylinder and service trucks specific to the propane industry. We provide a wide array of repair services including “R”-Stamp vessel repairs, DOT, annual  “V” and “K” inspections, five-year pressure testing (hydro-tests), and internal inspections for MC330/331 vessels.

We also provide delivery anywhere in the world and own multiple trailers capable of transporting two bobtails at a time in the 48 contiguous States.

Signature Truck Systems has a large assembly/service facility in Houghton Lake, MI which builds crane and cylinder trucks for the propane industry.