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Propane Trucks for Propane

March 8, 2013 in Propane by F&F

FCCC’s S2G with Powertrain Integration-Modified GM Engine

In Indianapolis this week for the first time was a propane-fueled truck with a propane fuel tank for delivering commercial propane.

Operators of the thousands of propane delivery trucks in the United States can begin to run their fleets on the fuel they get wholesale.

The Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp S2G was shown as a prototype chassis at the Work Truck Show last year; this year it’s a full blown delivery ride by propane delivery vehicle specialist STS – Signature Truck Systems of Clio, Mich. The vehicle has been outfitted with an 8.0-liter GM engine – modified by Powertrain Integration for dedicated propane autogas operation.

The FCCC S2G has a CleanFuel USA fuel system. It was shown at the 2013 Work Truck Show by the Propane Education & Research Council – which helped pay for its development. New Eagle helped with the engine controls.

Signature Truck Systems president Joe Volk and PERC’s Greg Zilberfarb with Freightliner Custom Chassis S2G at the 2013 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. Photo by Mel Lindstrom

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